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What is Anonymous Browsing?

Anonymous searching is surfing internet site independently. Anonymous surfing aims to be covered by two types of privacy, namely:

  1. Privacy protection -> from the internet site you are surfing
  2. Privacy defense ->  from eavesdroppers that could be seeing your network link

Why Anonymous Searching? There are lots of reasons why an individual would want to do confidential browsing. People browse anonymously to safeguard themselves from the government, their companies, or meddlesome members of the family.

anonymous-browsingCitizens of Iran make use of anonymous surfing to prevent being punished for their searches. Individuals in corporate America use confidential surfing to prevent discussing the details of their individual lives with their employers. Many folks use anonymous searching to protect their privacy from inquisitive websites and also annoying marketers. So, the practice is widespread.

How Anonymous Browsing Works

Anonymous browsing works by putting a proxy web server between the individual and the internet site. The internet browser speaks to the proxy web server, and the proxy server speak with the web site. The web site does not know who you are, it only understands that the anonymous proxy server is. The confidential proxy web server does recognize who you are– so you had to better choose a confidential proxy server that you count on.

There are 4 technological techniques used frequently to allow confidential searching with a proxy server:

  1. Anonymous searching with an internet site
    With these systems, you surf the internet site of the anonymous proxy server and go into in the URL of the websites you actually intend to surf
  2. Confidential surfing via customer applications
    With these systems, you download and install and also install a customer application which handles the details of confidential surfing for you.
  3. Confidential surfing though a confidential web proxy solution
    With these services, your web browser is configured to point or direct to a web proxy that is anonymous. The systems used are public and are both configured and advertised for confidential proxy use.
  4. Anonymous browsing though a confidential server
    With these systems, your internet browser is configured to point or direct to an anonymous web proxy. These systems are published in continuously upgraded checklists on lots of website on the net.

You normally do not recognize that the anonymous proxy web servers are running. Confidential surfing is surfing web sites independently, so it’s worth exploring the various options available to you.

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