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proxy lists

What You Need to Know about Proxy Lists

A proxy list contains all working proxy sites. A proxy website allows you to surf anonymously and have access on websites which have been blocked by a material filter.

What is a Proxy List

So How does it Work

A proxy website enables you to access the URL of the website you want to browse and as soon as you have entered the URL, the proxy site displays the target website in a unique window. This makes your real IP address & location unexposed to the website, which still allows your access to it even if it is restricted by the network administrator. You could even connect with the website in real-time just as you you were normally allowed with non-restricted websites in your network.

The only well-known trouble associated with proxy websites is that they actually have “less life” as various websites restrict them to stay clear of anonymous browsing. So, it’s important to preserve a consistently upgraded proxy list in order to get the information concerning working proxy websites.